Why Hives Thrive

I have a hive in my backyard now that I got out of a yucca tree via trapout about three weeks ago. It was one very full and queenright medium. I supered another box as soon as I got it home.

When I first saw the hive in its yucca tree, and whenever I went to visit the trapout, I could smell that “brood-flower” scent, really strong smell of a fantastically full to bursting healthy brood nest. The hive had been there for years and it was banging. The homeowners wanted to replace the tree, and when they cut it down they saw a huge long skinny set of combs, running the entire length of the trunk and even under the ground!

Now, in my yard, these bees are building comb like it’s April, capping honey and plenty of larvae. I added a third box a few days ago and they have not slowed down at all. Massive traffic every day.
I have two other hives in my yard, also feral, so similar genes. I don’t treat any of them. Those two are ok, they’re fine, they’re sort of treading water. But this one from the yucca is out of control. My question is, why is that particular hive so healthy and active?

Is it because it has a Bush-style top entrance? I haven’t fed it any sugar, or anything at all.

Is it because the conditions were perfect where it came from? Conditions in my West LA yard can be very different due to shade/sun time.

Clearly it has something the other hives in my yard don’t have. It’s in build-up mode at the beginning of September. I haven’t been able to figure it out, so please let me know in the comments if you have seen similar phenomena, and any ideas you may have!

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